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    I 'm originally from Yorkshire, England - university educated (Honours Degree: Pure Zoology) and a formative career in sales, marketing and running multiple businesses. Born in 1964, married, 5 children, I moved to the US in 2010.
    My writing style and story telling have so far been compared to Stephen King, Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum.
    And, in February 2017, I was accepted as an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writer's Association.

    'Pede'(a brilliant creature horror) is published by Black Bed Sheet Books, 'And Then You Die' (darkly comic supernatural horror) was published by J Ellington Ashton June 2016, The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay is published by HellBound Books Publishing, 'Flanagan' (psychosexual horror/chiller), publication by Sinister Grin Press in Feb 2017, Tenebrion (Black Bedsheet Books Aug 2017) and my collection of short stories, Blood and Kisses (HellBound Books, Aug 2017).
    Of my novellas, Buds is published by Morbid Books, and 'Feeder' (horror) and 'I Am Joe's Unwanted Penis' (an excellent, dark humor parody) (published together by HellBound Books.
    My short story 'Winning & Losing' was published in the online anthology 'Ripple Effect' Oct 2015, 'Road Trip Bingo' was published by Black Bed Sheet Books in their anthology 'Bumps in the Road' (Spring 2016), 'The Five Towns Pageant' will feature in J. Ellington Ashton's anthology 'Full Moon Slaughter' (Halloween 2016), 'Zombie Hooker: A Love Story' appeared in the Fat Lip Press anthology 'Carnival of Gore IV' (July 2016), 'Snuffed: Fifty Shades of F****d Up' featured in J Ellington Ashton's 'Rejected for Content 4' (Summer 2016), 'First Impressions' in JBP's 'Black Candy' (Halloween 2016), 'Mumble Trimmings and the Peculiar Case of the Reverse Pedophiles' will feature in JEA's anthology 'Splat 3', The Werewolf's Surrogate is in JEA's Full Moon Slaughter 2', whilst 'A Proud Father' will be featured in Dead Man's Tome Book 2, and 'Trophy Wife' (a graphic short) is to be published by The Creeps Magazine (TBA).
    To date, I have won awards for five short movies, and a Splatterfest 'Best Director' for 'Zombie Family: A Day in the Death'. I co-wrote the first two episodes of the Kenyan sitcom 'The Samaritans', and was 'writer for hire' on the biopic of Bob Marley for Spectra Records, a family animated feature 'Manbug' and a Houston-produced family feature 'The Church Mice'.
    Upcoming projects: The Silverado Springs Memory Care Posse (horror novel), 'Harry' (dark humor, 'dramady'), and a couple of breathtaking works I'm being deliberately secretive about...


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  • Biography

    Born in September 1964, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England and christened James Henry Longmore.
    Always the class clown, forever the comedy turn, I nonetheless managed to get myself an education, always dreaming of being a professional writer (from the tender age of 5 when I wrote my first - yet to be published - book on stick insects); and after many years of failed attempts to become the next Stephen King, I stumbled upon his first stand-up open mic for It's A Scream in Hull...

    The rest, as they say, is history (perhaps someday they'll put a brass plaque up in Hull?!): regular bookings at It's a Scream venues throughout Yorkshire were followed by performances at the Guilded Balloon, and Laughing Hyena followed, as did Jongleurs and The Comedy Store.

    And this was where I finally rediscovered my writing 'voice'. Although most of my work now is definitely not comedy, there is always that rich, dark vein of humor hiding behind everything I write - be it horror, bizarro, movies, sitcoms, drama, or short film, my mischevious sense of humor is never far below the surface.

    My writing style and story telling have so far been compared to Stephen King, Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum.

    In 2010 I relocated to live permanently in Houston, USA with my wonderful wife, kids and a menagerie of animals - at which time I became the full-time writer that I guess I always should have been.

  • Green crayon productions

    Showcasing talent and winning awards...

    Green Crayon Productions was created to encompass my film projects. My aim has always been to involve myself in the short film world as a perfect way to showcase my writing talent; it is bes way to learn about the business of making a movie, especially important when writing for the movies!.
    From our very first comedy sketch 'The Best Medicine' to the film contest entry 'Living With Satan' and on to the latest sitcom trailer 'Swinging In Lorraine' and the award-winning 'The Zombie Family: A Day in the Death' and 'Thief', my objective has always been to imporove my work with each new project and to create a piece of work that will go some way towards furthering not only my own career but that of everyone involved.
    Green Crayon Productions' latest projects - Mr. Chucklebones and First Impressions - are finished and doing the festival rounds.

    Watch the Green Crayon Productions movies here.

  • jim longoria

    My comedian alter-ego.

    The name-change became necessary when it seemed every MC on the Houston comedy scene could not pronounce my name correctly. Add to that the wonderful shock-value of a pale English guy walking on stage having been announced as 'Jim Longoria' and the name stuck!
    An audience can expect a darkly rich humor from and comic takes on the most mundane and the strangest of subjects, but most of all, expect to laugh along with my bizarre view of the world....
    But be warned! Much of my material is for mature audiences only

  • lifestyle

    We filmed this one as a teaser for a major TV network - it was submitted, along with a full pilot script - we also created a trailer to go along with the short film .

    Set in an elite swinger's community, Lifestyle is a dark drama that gave rise to the hilarious stuation comedy that is 'Swinging In Lorraine'.

  • living with satan

    We filmed this one on October 22nd for the 2011 National Film Challenge ( written, filmed, edited and produced over just one weekend - one that we are particularly proud of!

  • blood and kisses

    Filmed for the 2011 'Splatterfest' film competition - This is the seven-minute version (as required by the Splatterfest contest rules) of 'Blood & Kisses' - we are working on the Director's Cut which runs at around 12 minutes and tells the story a little better.

  • captain magnanimous (saves the world)

    "Seemingly boring Brett Smith hides an astounding secret from his long term girlfriend Sarah Jane, a secret that finally comes out when conciliatory superhero Captain Magnanimous is called upon to save the world from Evil Doctor Narcisso's latest plot to hold the world to ransom. In a bizarre twist, the revealing of Brett's secret has surprisingly tragic consequences..."

    The script for 'Captain' was intitially written for the Houston 48 Hour Film Festival. Sadly, the team leader decided to ditch this script in favour of his own which was not finished in time for the competition. So, we decided to film it ourselves - enjoy!

    The movie was awarded a Remi (comedy original) at the the 45th Worldfest Houston film festival!

  • best medicine

    Our very first film project! We kept it simple, packed in as many gags as we could and produced an excellent sketch that the Pythons themselves would have been proud of...

  • jim the comedian

    The name-change to stage persona Jim Longoria became necessary when it seemed every MC on the Houston comedy scene could not pronounce my name correctly. Add to that the wonderful shock-value of a pale English guy walking on stage having been announced as 'Jim Longoria' and the name stuck!
    An audience can expect a darkly rich humor from and comic takes on the most mundane and the strangest of subjects, but most of all, expect to laugh along with my bizarre view of the world....
    But be warned! Much of my material is for mature audiences only

  • author

    Writing: My first love.

    It's a well-worn cliche, I know, but I have always wanted (needed!) to write. From my formative years in primary school and my very first book 'Stick Insects' (unpublished) and the equally delightful sequel 'Dinosaurs and Moths' (equally unpublished) to my most recently published and accepted novels, the desire to empty out my head's contents has been an incredibly strong one.

    Please take a look at the menu above for my published short stories, novels and novellas, as well as a selection of my scripts and screenplays. There are copies of some of the manuscripts that are WGA registered, and that are begging to be read.

    Also, check out my author page on Amazon for where to purchase my works...

  • swinging in lorraine

    Proposal for a Sitcom.

    Meet Lorraine and Sam and Pat and Nat! Four sexy swingers who live together and run the titular swinger's club - badly!
    With the pilot script written, and Episode Two well under way - we filmed this hilarious trailer to promote the show and catch the right amount of attention.
    The 'Swinging In Lorraine' official website is here: CLICK

    I am also considering giving the 'Lorraine' characters the animation treatment - conceptualized here by the exceptional talents of Chris Gaviria.

  • the samaritans

    Sitcom: it's 'Parks & Recreation' meets 'The Office' with a uniquely international flavor!

    I partnered up with Hussein Kurji of Xeinium Productions (Kenya) to write the Pilot and Second episodes of a situation comedy set in the bizarre, red-tape-pretend-you-care-live-on-expenses-and-do-nothing world of the Non Government Aid Agencies in Kenya.
    The episodes were crowd funded on Kickstarter and turned out brilliantly - a true testimony to the miracle that is Skype!

    'commercial' for Aid 4 Aid.

    Work has now begun on Episodes III and IV - in the meantime, whet your appetite and visit the official website:

    The show is rapidly gaining a worldwide following; please click on the links below to see for yourself!
    ALJAZEERA (take a look here at what 'The Stream' had to say - I (finally) get a mention at 29:28!)

    'The Stream' discusses The Samaritans.

  • living with satan - the sitcom

    Proposal for a Sitcom. - not to be too confused with the short film of the same name, although the idea of an All-American, Satanist family was born here...

    Characters drawn by the talented Ashley Shiers

  • burned out

    Sitcom Pilot.

    A pilot for a proposed sitcom - a 'Friends'-style comedy about an eclectic group of late 30-somethings. I was comissioned (and paid) to create this pilot by a Houston film maker. We are still waiting for the right time to film!

  • Cleveland Show spec' script

    A spec' script..

    Written in 2011 to woo the executives at FoxTV, this episode of the iconic (though now, sadly defunct) animated series certainly did its job - earning me an Open Door with the network. Described as 'the best episode never filmed', this episode; 'The Stoolbend Swinging Ball' paved the way for 'Swinging in Lorraine'....

  • resurrect/dead to rights

    A 'what if?' police drama set in an 'alternative' take on the modern day.

    A dystopian society has been created by a new drug that is routinely used to resurrect homicide victims to testify against their assailants. Here, an unstable cop kills himself in order to rescue his murdered family and inadvertently discovers the disturbing truth behind the fate of the Resurrected.

  • black mass/in the detail

    A terrifying horror feature.

    On the eve of their big break, a group of amateur film makers inadvertently invoke a genuine demon when they break into an abandoned elementary school to perform and film an authentic Black Mass as their entry in a national short movie competition.

  • just like us

    A romantic comedy..

    Based loosly on Mozart's Cose Fan Tutte, this feature is a raucous, hilarious comedy in the vein of 'Bridesmaids' and 'Hangover'.

    A cynical lothario makes a wager with two wealthy young men to test their fiancees' loyalty by tricking them into swapping partners, and in doing so is reunited with the woman who broke his heart.

  • taking prince william

    Crime caper/dark comedy drama.

    The heir to the British throne is kidnapped and a group of women are hired to become pregnant by him in a plot to blackmail the English, tensions mount when they accidentally kill the prince with an overdose of Viagra and the British replace him with a double.

  • Trenchtown Boy

    Bob Marley biopic

    Comissioned by Spectra Records, the story of Bob Marley; from his early childhood, through the trials and tribulations of growing up in Jamaica's ghetto, his harsh introduction to the realities of the music industry to his recognition as one of the most influential music stars in history. The story ends with Marley's attempted assasination and triumphant comeback just days later.

  • Manbug

    Animated family feature

    A 'writer for hire' screenplay.
    Centered around a teenaged ladybug and his motley gang of friends, the story follows their adventure as they mount a daring rescue of the hero's parents after they are kidnapped and taken to live in an organic farm's greenhouse complex. The race is on before the farm's new owners fumigate the greenhouse....
    A funny, poignant and entertaining script in a similar vein to the beloved animated movies created by Pixar, Dreamworks, et al.

  • 'pede

    A terrifying, skin-crawling 'Zoological Horror' Novel...


    Published by Black Bed Sheet Books, 'Pede was written as part of the NaNoWriMo 2012 novel-writing challenge, the first draft of this novel was created all in the month of November.

    Following two grisly deaths in an abandoned hotel and the discovery of an oversized Giant Centipede, a zoology professor and her students are called in to investigate and find themselves trapped in the hotel along with the stuff of nightmares....

    A true homage to the 'creature feature' in the time-honored tradition of 'The Rats', 'Piranha', 'Arachnaphobia', et al.

    The once luxurious Mountainview Spa Hotel in the heart of California's Coachella valley lies decaying, abandoned and heavily boarded up. Its secret; it is the site of a radioactive, 'dirty' bomb explosion five years' previous.

    Zoology Professor Jane Lucas has a lifelong phobia of Scolopendra gigantea, the Giant Centipede, despite being the world's leading authority on it. Following the savage deaths of two young lovers who broke into the hotel for its natural underground spa, and the discovery of centipede remains almost three times its natural size, the professor teams up with four of her students to investigate. But their expedition becomes a fight for survival when they are trapped in the hotel with a gang of violent thugs – including the boyfriend of one of the female students with whom the professor has been having an illicit affair.

    They soon discover a voracious swarm of the oversized centipedes that has spawned within the hotel, but are horrified to learn that another creature even more terrifying hunts in the Mountainview's deserted hallways - a centipede of seemingly impossibly monstrous proportions; and it is ravenous and desperate to feed.


    *****Gruesome, enjoyable "bug book"!
    'Pede is a sexual, graphical horror novel. The author credits 80s writers and he follows along with a terrific, extreme, novel. There's plenty of sex (mostly lesbian) and loads of gory violence as a scientific party is attacked by giant centipedes. This book would make an excellent syfy channel film. Loads of fun except for those who dislike gore!

    **Good premise, but...
    A giant mutant centipede-what's not to like? Well, the story seemed good, but I was surprised that there was some very graphic sex within the first few chapters. Not my kind of book. Didn't finish it.

    5.0 out of 5 stars *****
    Good, Icky Fun
    This man knows how to tell a tale! James H. Longmore's Pede reads like an updated 1950's sci-fi with ultra-gore, graphic hot sex, and creepy atmospherics. His characters are honest and his storytelling is unforgiving. Longmore's writing shows that he has great versatility and can take his story in any direction he wants to. The opening terrorist scene reads like Ludlum and his erotic sex scenes show that as another genre he could be very comfortable at. James H. Longmore's "Pede" is a creepy, crawly that will keep you up at night, looking under your bed and sleeping with one eye open. If you want to read a monster tale told in an original, refreshing way, read "Pede" - and keep a can of bug spray handy.

    ***** An 80s horror film on paper; a fun, cringeworthy read
    If Dan Brown were to write a novel that would be turned into a summer slasher flick, it would be James Longmore's Pede. Smart pacing, cringeworthy deaths, and an interesting, well-designed location that almost seems to be a character itself combine to make for a thoroughly enjoyable read. There is no sympathy or mercy for these characters, so if you're one of those people that watches horror movies to cheer at the deaths and watch crappy or stupid people get their comeuppance, this is the book for you. If you have a phobia of creepie-crawlies, it definitely isn't, and if you don't, well, you might by the time you're finished reading.

    ***** A must read!!
    James H. Longmore is new to me and there was no better way to introduce himself as a writer than PEDE. It's dark, it's detailed and has hooks everything a good horror should be. I'm not one to give any spoilers but if you're into the creature movies like Alien you will find this book is for you. Looking forward to reading more by James H Longmore!

    5.0 out of 5 stars *****
    A great read for horror fans and people who like books that are a little different from most. Pede has found a way to both be a chilling horror story and a very arousing relationship tryst. Full of unexpected plot twists and roads that most writers are un comfortable going down. I believe I read almost 100 pages the first night of having the book. A real page turner of a book that paints a vivid picture that few others can.

  • flanagan

    A disturbing psychological thriller novel with one hell of a twist....


    Flanagan is published by Sinister Grin Press - release date 18th Feb 2017.

    "We have two people here with no boundaries, no natural way of keeping each other's desires and carnal instincts in check."

    Chris and Helen are your typical all-American couple. Married for ten years, no children, both teachers at a local high school. They embark on a Spring Break week away to recharge their batteries and reconnect as a happily married couple, only to be way-laid in a sleepy, small town by a brutal gang of misfits. What follows is a horrific chain of events as Chris and Helen are tormented and brutalized by the gang. With twists and turns that a clairvoyant couldn't see coming, Flanagan takes Straw Dogs and the novel that Fifty Shades of Grey should have been, chews 'em up, and spits 'em out!

    A novel very much in the vein of Jack Ketchum, Stephen King, Edward Lee and Wrath James White.


    ***** Erotic Thriller
    This is the first book I have read by James H. Longmore but it will NOT be the last I can promise you this! This story had me hooked from the first word. It reeled me in like a fish on a line and held me there the entire book! His writing is very smooth like fine chocolate. I love reading books like this and it is a real treat when I fine one that makes me hold my breath and sit on the edge of my seat. This book might be fiction but when reading it you will wonder if there really are people like this out in the world. That makes it even more scary and believable. I can't say enough that you really really really want to read this book!

    Read the whole blog here! CLICK HERE
  • The Erotic odyssey of colton forhsay

    A fantastical bizarro novel populated with crazy characters, crammed with action, the darkest comedy and a fat dollop of incredible erotica - Dare you read it?.


    Published by HellBound Books Publishing in June 2016


    Colton Forshay dreams himself into a bizarre sexual dystopia, a world in which nothing is as it should be (it alternately rains semen and menstrual blood), sickening sex acts and sexual violence are the norm and in which the currency is deviant sexual acts.

    In this dream world, Colton inadvertently gets his dog pregnant and his wife is brutally murdered as a contestant on a popular TV show.

    At first disturbed, then intrigued - and aroused - by his dreams of this other world, Colton is drawn deeper in and begins to spend more and more time there with the help of sleeping pills; so much so that his wife forces him to visit a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist encourages him to explore the dream world - and our hero goes on an odyssey with his dog/son, Eric, to discover the disturbing truth behind his dream world.

    Colton finds himself caught up with the resistance who believe that the government - lead by a telepathic ocelot - is controlling the people by means of dreams of another world that sounds uncannily like his.

    The story alternates between Colton's real world and fantasy dream world and the two become inexorably blurred until at the end, he discovers a disturbing truth that is not entirely against the tastes he has developed.

    This is fantastical tale populated by bizarre characters, set in a most peculiar world. Filled with startling, sexy imagery and told with incredibly dark humor, Colton Forshay is both engaging and disturbing.


    ***** Very imaginative! Unlike anything I've read before. Dark ...
    Very imaginative! Unlike anything I've read before. Dark, twisted, and bizarrely entertaining. If you are looking for something horrifyingly different to read, this is definitely a must read for you.

    ***** Fantastic book
    Colton has some pretty messed up dreams. His wife Zeenah makes him see a therapist due to his crazy dreams. Pretty much the whole time reading this I'm going oh my god, what?! Are you serious? This read had me on the edge of my sit I couldn't put my kindle down for the life of me! I had such a blast reading this, and I can't wait to read more from this author.

    ***** Bizarro Erotica
    Just from reading the opening line of James Longmore's new book you immediately know that you're in trouble. It may be both the greatest, and most disturbing opening to a novel I've ever read. It's almost as disturbing as Edward Lee's House/Pig. I could hear the Weather Girls in my head singing; "It's raining jizz, hallelujah, it's raining jizz." Once you make it past that you're in one for one hell of a ride. This is a novel that can only be described as bizarro erotica which I didn't even know existed until now. You won't find too many reviews because in all honesty how the hell do you review it?

    Longmore wants your attention and if you make it through the entire novel you'll see that this guy knows how to write a story full of bizarre sex and intriguing characters. I also would like to know where the hell the idea came from. On second thought, never mind. I liked the novel and the idea that Colton has these bizarre dreams that are sexually explicit in nature. There's a valid reason for them and that's the heart of the novel. The sex isn't the selling point of the book and for those that are brave enough to read it will get to see that. It's an interesting story that uses the idea of dreams and sexual frustration to move the story along and move it does. Colton's dream world is full of sexual depravity and fantasies that normal people just don't have and Longmore doesn't bat an eye when it comes to telling Colton's story. You can almost hear him laughing which is really frightening.

    I've read my share of bizarro fiction and Longmore has too. You can tell that he's influenced by the classics. This is a book that slowly unfolds and has an actual story that just happens to have weird and not so weird sexual acts. The underlying plot is what is Colton's reality? Is it the normal life he lives with his frigid wife or is it the world in which he lost his wife and has to pay for goods with sexual acts? The art of dreams is an interesting concept and one that allows Longmore to stretch his legs a bit. Is Longmore's novel offensive and disturbing? It can be for those who are easily offended. What then would be the target audience? Anyone with an open mind. If you have an open mind you'll enjoy The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay but don't for those that are easily offended you should skip this and read something from the popular fiction section.

    ***** 5 Bizarre Stars!
    I started reading this today. I have never read bizaro, and was not entirely sure what it! I love Longmore's details! You can see what is going on...not positive this is a good thing, lol...wait! Yes it is...Anyhoo, I cannot wait to keep going, because this is really interesting!
    I read this before bed last night..Again, not sure if this is the best idea..LOL..I want to stress how much I love the detail! I am there...I can see what is happening, I can smell what is happening (don't ask, LOL)
    60% Fair warning...Not good to read right before bed time, unless, of course, you WANT messed up dreams lol
    Okay, so I finished this book and my only complaint was I WANTED MORE! More Colton! More dog/son...MORE MORE MORE! I wonder if I stomped my feet or pouted like a little kid if perhaps I could get a sequel?
    I really liked Longmore's writing. His eye for details. Everything. Normally a writer will be strong in a certain area and weak in others, but this book had a great story line, great character development, great dialogue, great
    everything! Now, I will warn you, if you have not read bizarro, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into...LOL...And if you HAVE read bizarro, this is a must!
    I will definitely be stalking Longmore and adding more of his books to my TBR.

  • And Then You Die

    An extreme horror story with a stomach-churning twist and dollops of wonderfully dark humor...


    Published by J Ellington Ashton Press.

    The morning after an illicit one-night stand, a successful businesswoman accidentally soils herself on the drive home. The resulting excrement springs to life as a fecal spirit, puts paid to her gold digging finance and thwarts a kidnap/murder plot against her. It also introduces our heroine to a world of depraved pleasure, destroys her life and plans to kill her and her unborn child in order to achieve immortality.


    ***** Excellent tale!!!
    What a story! I was hooked from the first page! This is my first reading of the author's and I can not wait to read all his works. This was a fast passed tale, kept me on the edge of my seat. It was very entertaining. The description on the back of the book is very accurate. It had my stomach turning once or twice. It was also oddly arousing. Very unique story. I'm definitely a fan!


    I can't describe what sort of taste was left in my mouth after reading James H Longmore's …and Then You Die, a novel that marks my entry into the genre of bizarro, where absurdism and satire meet the weird and grotesque. If you find the concept of bizarro off-putting, then …and Then You Die is not a book for you! But you'd be missing out on an extraordinarily visceral cultural experience."Following a drunken, hedonistic night out on the town in New Orleans, successful businesswoman and sexual deviant Claire Jepson accidentally soils herself in her expensive car. The resulting excrement comes to life as a terrifying, sardonic fecal spirit and not only dishes out a particularly gruesome death to Claire's unfaithful, gold digging fiancé, but also thwarts a kidnap/murder plot by her employees and introduces Claire to a world of depraved pleasures beyond even her depraved imagination.
    A year later, the errant spirit has spiraled wildly out of control with its insatiable appetite for perverted sex and human flesh and has destroyed both Claire's business and life.
    To her horror, Claire then discovers that the fecal spirit plans to consume her unborn child in order to attain immortality and she must return to the seedy underbelly of the Big Easy where her nightmare began in a heart-pounding race against time to confront the spirit's creator; a high priest of a most ancient and deadly order, who is the only one who can put a stop to the spirit's murderous intentions.
    A wicked, fast-paced story laced with tongue-in-cheek, dark humor and which is at the same time incredibly erotic and stomach churning; definitely not one to be read whilst eating!"
    Take heed of that last comment!
    I consumed, no I devoured …and Then You Die, an off-the-wall tale laced with hilarity and an astonishing wit. Longmore does not mince his words, confronting the reader at every turn with the utterly detestable, lifting up the toilet lid on the excrement most prefer to flush away, and bringing it to life in quasi-human form.
    …and Then You Die is a sexy, earthy romp of the most deviant order. In protagonist Claire Jepson, a dot com businesswoman, Longmore makes a not so subtle comment on the debauched perversions of the moneyed classes. Through the protagonist's initial accidental soiling, Longmore brings to life the shit pile. In an extraordinarily detailed expose, …and Then You Die goes on to explore in depth and in breadth every aspect of living shit.
    Longmore's pacing is excellent, the action never wanes, plot twists driving the tale into greater depths of degradation arriving on cue. The narrative contains a solid, four to the floor rhythm, a forward driving pulse that makes …and Then You Die a delight to read. The author's wit shines from every page, right down to his shit-in-the-bag entity that morphs into an antagonist with a voice like Russell Brand. Ever since Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, in which the main character wakes up to find he is a giant bug, authors have played with the grotesque in the paranormal. Longmore has penned a work of excellence, both in the quality of writing and in his ability to sustain a work that pivots on a single metaphor: shit.
    …and Then You Die will appeal to lovers of dark comedy. Be warned! This is not a story for those with refined sensibilities easily offended by in-your-face revulsion. Think kinky and twisted Iain Banks.
    Isobel Blackthorn

  • BUDS

    A fast-paced, sexy horror story with a clever sci-fi twist.


    Published by Morbid Books

    Buds follows the exploits of an amateur scientist who invents time travel only to find that it transports him a mere fraction of a second into the past. Inhabiting that world of the fractional past are a variation of humans who reproduce asexually by budding new people (hydra-like) and use sex as a recreational pastime and a means of feeding. Disappointed by his discovery, our protagonist and his entrepreneurial girlfriend decide to bring the 'Buds' back and open the world's most bizarre and exclusive brothel. Of course, it all goes terribly wrong as the Buds turn out to be not as innocent as first thought and chaos and the very end of the world looms.


    **** Erotic Thriller
    Mr. Longmore does it again! A story of time travel and sex, the author leaves nothing to the imagination. A thriller, I was captivated from page 1. Can't wait to read his other works. The author has quite the imagination, and an obvious passion for story telling.

    ***** 5.0 out of 5 starsSpectacular, disturbing- riveting
    Written in such detail you can't fail to be drawn in. A fascinating seesaw of time travel and erotic horror with characters who pull you along. A truely impressive read- what are you waiting for? Buy it now

    ***** I could picture the story in my head and could see it as a really wicked cool film. I liked his use of imagination in ...
    This was very, very well written. It reminded me of a sexy mixture of Sci-fi meets horror. I could picture the story in my head and could see it as a really wicked cool film. I liked his use of imagination in the characters Wildus and even in the creation of the Buds. This is a really interesting story and worth the purchase.

    5.0 out of 5 stars *****
    "Buds" is the love child of an 80s monster movie and a serial killer's wet dream...
    A graphic, odd, and perverse read, Buds is definitely entertaining for anyone that's interested in testing the limits of their imagination. James Longmore does an exceptional job at painting the gruesome, erotic scenes, sometimes to the cringeworthy detriment/enjoyment of the reader, depending on your leanings. If you like being scared during horror movies, delight in cringing during Saw-like scenes, or you tempt fate by sleeping with a foot hanging off the bed, this is the book for you.

  • i am joe's unwanted penis & feeder

    A Wonderfully bizarre double bill of bizarro novels, both grotesque and darkly comedic.


    Published by HellBound Books

    'I am Joe's...' is an affectionate homage to the much-loved Reader's Digest series 'I am Joe's…', and a darkly humorous and bizarre parody of the Bruce Jenner story, this story is told from the point of view of a dismembered penis.

    'Feeder' is a dark, disturbing peek into the world of gainers and feeders; grotesquely obese individuals and the people who facilitate their growth for the lascivious pleasure of both parties.


  • blood and kisses

    The James H Longmore Definitive Short Story Collection.


    The definitive short story collection from James H Longmore - an eclectic mix of dark horror, bizarro and Twilight-Zone style tales of the downright disturbing.
    Welcome to the long awaited collection from the writer of horror novels 'Pede and Tenebrion; a forword by Richard Chizmar (co-author of Gwendy's Button Box and author of A Long December), 18 short stories, 5 flash fiction and even a poem - all skin-crawling, soul-shredding tales of terror, of the darkest things that skulk amongst the night's inky shadows, and of the everyday gone horribly awry.
    Discover the alternative implication of technology becoming self-aware, enjoy the acquaintance of a charismatic new pastor who promises his flock a brand new place in which to worship his God, and spend a little time in the company of a nice young man who is inexorably caught up in his home town's terrible secret.
    Then there is Cupid's revelation that personally he has never experienced love, yet we discover that very emotion alive and not so well amongst the ruins of a post zombie apocalypse world, and we bear witness to a childhood innocence forever destroyed in a war-torn city.
    Observe, too a particularly unsavory individual's obsession with the ever-elusive snuff movie, and then join an elderly bunch of forgetful sleuths out to solve the mystery of the brutal deaths that seem to occur with alarming regularity at their memory care facility.
    Now, have you ever considered what may happen should you have the misfortune to bump into your family's doppelgangers on a long, tedious road trip? And can you even begin to imagine being the doting father who eventually realizes the apple of his eye's true identity, or the parents who spend what is left of their crumbling lives waiting by the all too silent telephone for news of their addict son?
    There is more, Dear Reader, much, much more; for within these pages we have devils, demons and ghosts, lycanthropes and demi-gods, all rubbing nefarious shoulders with vilest of Hell's offspring who have slithered from the netherworld to doff their caps and wish us all the sweetest of dreams….

    Again, in the vein of Ketchum, White, Lee, Barker, this collection explores the darker, more extreme aspects of the human animal as well as some of the more murky areas of the supernatural.


    Scream Hard Review
    "Face of An Angel", by James H Longmore
    Donna Maria:
    Once again this author delivers a short story that is executed sublimely.
    Encapsulated only in 12 pages, you find exquisite depths and characterisation... that's no mean feat.
    I cried at one point, laughed out loud and felt ice course through my veins, and although this sounds odd, to me that's a real treat!
    An emotional story full of dark and piercing perceptions that you just know are as natural to James H Longmore as breathing.
    The ebb and flow is his main armoury, a bit of a demon where it comes to delivering that killer line, be it funny, sad or shocking!

    Scream Hard Review
    "A Proud Father", by James Longmore
    Donna Maria:
    I'm still very emotional after finishing this short story late last night.
    These poignant 7 pages delivered depth, beauty and horror with the sharpest of blades, so as the rush of emotions whilst reading were uncontrollable.
    In many ways, and I'm sure when you read this you will agree, it reminded me of 'The Book Thief', in as much as you are taken on a journey that is fated to end in tragedy, yet you cannot help but allow yourself to love the characters.
    I was treated to two short stories to read by this author and am thoroughly looking forward to 'Face of an Angel'. James Longmore has completely taken me by surprise. I had no idea what to expect, but then I do so love that feeling of discovery and such a fantastic way to find a new author.
    In one sentence: If 'A Proud Father' was all James H Longmore ever wrote, it would be enough.

  • tenebrion

    A Hellish, Claustrophobic Tale of Demons and Darkness


    Amateur film makers inadvertently invoke a demon when they break into an abandoned elementary school to perform and film an authentic Black Mass for their entry into a short movie competition!
    Dave Priestley reveals his plan to his the movie-making friends – to film an authentic Black Mass in Watsonville's abandoned elementary school – the site of a horrific tragedy nine years before.
    Tenebrion – the demon of darkness – makes preparations of its own within the darkness of hell. It requires a specific set of circumstances and human victims to split open a fissure between the worlds and set free its brethren. Tenebrion has been manipulating humans for centuries in order to put things into place and the movie makers are the unfortunate, final pieces of its nefarious puzzle.
    Priestley, ever the stickler for authenticity and detail, prepares the Mass and accidentally sets the denizen of Hell free. And whilst Priestley and his sceptical friends attempt to recapture Tenebrion and return it to the dark shadows of the netherworld, it hunts them all down – one by one – for inclusion in its hellish gateway.


  • THe Ripple Effect

    My Contribution: 'Winning & Losing'.


    An introspective piece about a struggling writer who discovers that he has won the lottery and is faced with losing his life's desire to write. He makes a devastating decision for what he believes to be the right reasons, and is then faced with the consequences.

    Winning & Losing - published in Horrified Press' anthology 'Ripple Effect' (all proceeds to Greenpeace).

  • bumps in the road

    My contribution: 'Road Trip Bingo'


    An average family's average day trip takes a sinister turn when the happen upon a car that looks a lot like theirs....

    Very much in the Twilight Zone' / Stephen King vein - a thoroughly good read and one hell of a ride!

    Road Trip Bingo - published by Black Bed Sheet Books March 2016.


    ***** This anthology is a long, dark, and winding road that smells of burnt rubber and blood.
    Here are a few that really stood out for me and I'd give them 5 stars: Road Trip Bingo: A family encounters a vehicle on the road that is identical to theirs. This was one wild story.

    ***** I received a copy of this book for review, this is my thoughts on the book...
    Whoa! What a trip, Road Trip Bingo to be exact. What would you do if you drove past a vehicle just like yours and catch a glimpse of the occupants that look just like yours? Creepy, huh? I think I would just keep on truckin', but James H. Longmore shows us what could happen if we dare to meet our match, or in this case matches.

    ***** it grabbed my attention so much I couldn't put it down for one second and let me just take a moment to comment...
    Let me just say, I usually don't have the attention span to just sit and read a book but this really hooked my attention, it grabbed my attention so much I couldn't put it down for one second and let me just take a moment to comment the tremendously great writing by James Longmore, the way he grabs your attention with his words and draws you into the fear and the horror is utterly amazing. The last book I read that I found this good, horror wise was Stephen King's The Langoliers and this book was as good as that one. It was really very well written and very entertaining and interesting to read.
  • Full Moon Slaughter

    My contribution: 'The Five Towns Pageant'


    The story follows a young man through his metamorphosis following a bite from a pet store puppy, the savage death of his beloved girlfriend, his first hunt and introduction to his destiny as a werewolf...

    If you like Barker, King et al, this is one for you!

    The Five Towns Pageant - published in the J Ellington Ashton Press anthology 'Full Moon Slaughter'.
  • rejected for content IV

    My contribution: 'Snuffed: Fifty Shades of F****d Up''


    Barry Cushingberry is a perverted, grubby little man who spends his time watching pornography and seeking out ever more extreme examples of the genre. Even when he meets the girl of his dreams, a like minded lover of the farthest reaches of pleasure, he will not give up his ultimate quest for a genuine snuff film. Upon finding what he believes to be the genuine article, Barry embarks upon the objective of introducing his new gal to the delights of snuff, an action that ultimately delivers dire consequences...

    A must for all fans of extreme horror!

    Snuffed - published in the J Ellington Ashton Press anthology 'Rejected for Content IV'.
  • carnival of gore IV: standing ovation

    My contribution: 'Zombie Hooker: A Love Story''


    Part 4 of the bizarro anthology of the creepiest stories rolled together.

    *****my absolute favorite story here which is Zombie Hooker: A Love Story. I liked this because it takes a stale genre and puts quite a spin on it. You're expecting a love story but what you actually get is far more interesting. I've read James H Longmore before and he's truly growing as a writer.

  • BLACK CANDY: A Halloween anthology of horror!

    My contribution: 'First Impressions'' (to see the movie version, click HERE)

    A team of authors came forward and put together one of the most astounding anthologies to be noted in the horror indie community. Ghosts, witches, skeletons, and voodoo. All instant classics of the Halloween season. And like a great night of trick-or-treating, Black Candy has a bag full of all manner of tales to put you in the Samhain spirit. Blood, guts, and glory all come together as the authors weave their individual tales together forming a platonic mask of death, fear, and sadism. Whether you love vengeful spirits, risen to wreak havoc on the world of the living, or witches with a taste for terror, Jaded Books Publishing brings them all to you in one terrifying tome of the mad and the macabre. Get your copy today just in time for Halloween Screams!

  • the creeps magazine

    My contribution: 'Trophy Wife'


    Co-written with the Florida writer (and co-writer on Mr. Chucklebones) Kaye Terrelonge, this graphic story tells the tale of a cruel husband and avid insect colector who's downtrodden wife wreaks her gruesome revenge courtesy of an unusual lepidoptera.

    Trophy Wife will be published in The Creeps Magazine in 2016 (date TBA)

    COLLECTION: Blood and Kisses
    Blood and Kisses

    NOVEL: Tenebrion

    FIRST NOVEL: Flanagan


    SHORT STORY: A Proud Father



    SHORT STORY: Face of an Angel



    Should you require a format that is not included here (including paperback), please email me at:

  • biography

    Born in September 1964, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England and christened James Henry Longmore.

    Education: Honors Degree Pure Zoology (University of Leeds)

    Work: Sales & Marketing (various) for Toyota (GB), Duracell, Tracker (the UK 'Lo-Jack') and Unipart International.

    Entrepreneur: Created and ran three sucessful companies over a ten-year period: Recruitment, Medical Equipment Hire/sales & training, event management/experiences (we had products on the shelves at Harrods!).

    Comedy: I began with my first stand-up open mic for It's A Scream in Hull. Regular bookings for the other It's a Scream venues throughout Yorkshire were followed by performances at the Guilded Balloon, and Laughing Hyena, as did Jongleurs and The Comedy Store.
    I joined the Houston Comedy scene shortly after relocating to the US, appearing at the City's popular comedy spots - including The Laff Spot and Houston Improv.

    Writing: I took the move to the US to concentrate on my creative work. I began with writing comedy, which grew into the sitcoms and the spec' script for The Cleveland Show. From this, I explored the darker side of my creative brain, originating the 'Twilight Zone' inspired shorts as well as the feature scripts which encompass horror, drama and dark comedy.

  • movies & comedy

    Take a look through my impressive catalogue of short movies listed in the drop down menu - some are brilliant award winners, others are not but each one shows the progression and development of my screenwriting craft.

    There are also a handful of stand-up clips, but please be warned that the material is strictly for over 18s and not for the easily offended....

  • thief

    A short movie in the time-honored tradition of Rod Serling's 'The Twilight Zone'.

    Two small town cops struggle to discover the identity of a young girl, amidst the growing chaos of the townsfolk losing their memories – unaware that she is the cause and that they have a monster on their hands.

    Taken from the 'Blood & Kisses' short story collection, this short has been a long time in the making - technical problems with the sound mean that we had to go back to the studio to ADR all of the dialogue! A worthwhile exercise as Thief won a SILVER REMI award (Suspense/Thriller Shorts) at Worldfest 2014!

    Thief from jim longmore on Vimeo.

    For more information, please check out the dedicated website for the project: THIEF

    And here's the script...
  • the zombie family: a day in the death

    Zombies - Hey! They're just like us!

    Made for
    Splatterfest 2013, a hilarious homage to the 1950's/1960's Public Service Announcement movies. Filmed in periodic black and white and capturing the often unintentionally funny attitudes of the day, 'The Zombie Family' takes us through a typical day of an average zombie family to show the audience that they are 'just like us'; we like to think that if the Monty Python team were still producing material, they would create something like this...

    I wrote, directed, edited, narrated and appeared in the movie - which won 'Best Director' category at Splatterfest 2013!
    It was also nominated for Best Lead Actress, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Makeup and Best Writer. It also received an 'Honorable Mention'!
    The Zombie Family (or 'ZomFam' for short) also won a bronze REMI award (Comedy - Black/Dark Shorts) at Worldfest 2014

    The movie had a six-week run on Houston's local cable channels October/November 2014

    This is the Director's Cut of the movie with an additional three minutes added to the prerequisite seven minutes for Splatterfest - more gags too!

    Zombie Family: A Day in the Death from jim longmore on Vimeo.

  • AXI - Avengers of Extreme Illusion

    A rare voice-over appearance by yours truly...

    I had the good fortune to work with the talented Shawn Welling on this episode of his acclaimed and widely-followed web series.
    Captivated by my British accent, Shawn contacted me to narrate this atmospheric episode - and I seized the opportunity to work with the Grand Remi award winning director/producer, Mr. Welling.
    Whilst creating a voice-over was a feparture for me, I also had the chance to write my lines and the experience came in more than useful when I narrated my very own, award-winning; 'The Zombie Family: A Day in the Death'

  • Mr chucklebones

    - Selected for screening as part of Worldfest 2015 AND a GOLD Remi award winner!
    - Gulf Coast Film Festival 2015 Finalist.

    "Sara, a rookie CPS officer is surprised when the brutish, abusive Mr. Taylor and his long-suffering mail-order bride foster a troubled young boy with an imaginary friend. When the placement ends in tragedy it appears that Sara's supervisor may know more than he is giving away, and that Mr. Chucklebones is perhaps not so imaginary after all."

    Mr. Chucklebones is the result of collaboration between James H Longmore (screenplay writer), Mike Gaither (Co-screenplay writer) and Kaye Terrelonge (writer of the original story).
    Another Twilight Zone styled short suspense movie with a spine-chilling twist!

    watch the trailer here...

  • first impressions

    Worldfest 2015 Bronze Remi award winner. Gulf Coast Film Festival 2015 Finalist.

    "A nurse starts her new job at a modern psychiatric hospital in which patients are routinely tormented by the night staff. There, she is drawn towards a patient who communicates only by impersonating people that she sees on the TV; a chance encounter or something more sinister?"

    First Impressions is an uncompromising, disturbing short movie set in a psychiatric hospital. The screenplay and short story are both written by yours truly and tells the story of a nurse beginning her new job and discovering a patient at the hospital with an unusual talent.

  • Movies

    Here are all of the 'Green Crayon Productions' movies in one place....

  • recognition

    IMDB listings
    As James H Longmore: writer, director, actor, voice-over.

    Stage 32 Profile

    Splatterfest 2013
    Winner: 'Best Director' for 'Zombie Family: A Day in the Death'.

    Worldfest Film Festival '12
    Winner; 'Captain Magnanimous'.

    Worldfest Film festival '14
    Silver award: 'Thief' Bronze award: 'Zombie Family: A Day in the Death'.

    Worldfest Film Festival '15
    Gold award; 'Mr.Chucklebones',
    Bronze award; First Impressions

    Interview C47 Magazine
    May 2015

    Gulf Coast Film Festival
    Sept 2015
    Finalist: 'Mr.Chucklebones'
    'First Impressions'


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