Houston, Texas.

A Professional Ghostwriter

I have been working full time as a freelance ghostwriter (and editor) for almost two years now – in addition to writing my own novels and short stories, and running my own successful indie horror publishing press. (http://www.hellboundbookspublishing.com).

I am quite the accomplished chameleon when it comes to writing; I’m able to adapt to a wide range of styles and genres, I am incredibly thorough in my research (I’m renowned for my details, which bring stories leaping from the page!), extensive vocabulary, and I always keep the client’s “voice” when ghostwriting. Clients love me - especially with my British accent (I’m an ex-pat living in Houston, which means I’m most proficient at writing in both the UK and US styles – I also have clients in Australia who love my style!) and enthusiasm for every writing project I take on.

Whether starting from a full brief with plot layout and thorough notes, or the scantest idea, I create unique worlds, characters, and incredibly readable books – be it a 30,000 word novella or 100,000+ word novel – which delight the clients as they see their ideas come to life. I am well versed on writing to deadlines, and I am flexible and willing to travel to meet with clients!

Writing for the screen, big or small: Having written (and produced) short (award-winning!) movies, as well as writing commissioned full-length screenplays, I am skilled at writing to the industry standard formats (I work in Final Draft).

Of course, I’ll be more than happy to provide samples of my work (with the relevant clients' permission, of course).


In addition to my writing skills, I also have a myriad others I can bring to the table:
All steps in the publishing process:
Formatting (eBook and print - paperback & hardcover).
Cover design (eBook and full wraparound for paperback and hardcover).
Uploading to Amazon and other platforms (Draft 2 Digital, Ingram Spark, Smashwords, PubDrive).
Keyword selection/description writing.
Audiobook production/management.
Author website design and hosting (I created the HellBound Books website, this one, and myriad others!).
Advise on copyright, ISBN, international markets.
Advise on garnering those all-important 5* reviews.

All ghostwriting, publishing, and other services available can be found in detail at www.mybookinside.com


My preferred genres (novels, novellas, shorts, and screenplays):
Dark Comedy
Romantic Comedy
Erotic Romance

Projects & Genres Ghosted to Date:

Young Adult/Latter Day Saints thriller novel.
YA Regency Period romance thriller novel.
YA paranormal werewolf novel.
Romance novels.
Real life/autobiographical financial crime novel. (Think: Grisham in the Hong Kong financial sector).
Gangster thriller (a two-novel series).
Spiritual/Metaphysical thriller novel.
Biographical, wartime novelization
Horror/thriller novels.
Vietnam horror/sci-fi novel.
Horror movie screenplay.
Christian family movie screenplay.
Kenyan sitcom scripts (2 episodes: Think: 'The Office' set in a Kenyan non-profit organization).
US sitcom pilot.
Bob Marley biopic screenplay (comissioned by Spectra Records).
Children's animated movie screenplay (comissioned).
Adult Rom Com screenplay (comissioned).
Financial Self-Help book.
Diet/Health/Beat diabetes self-help book.
Personal Financeself-help book.
Family-based autobiograpy.
Incredibly personal "overcoming adversity & abuse" autobiogtaphy.
Dystopian romance thriller
Epic Fantasy Novel
Adult serial killer novel (Think: Silence of the Lambs meets The Bachelor!)