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Welcome to THIEF - our award winning (Silver REMI award, Worldfest 2014) short movie in the time-honored tradition of Rod Serling's 'The Twilight Zone'.

"Two small town cops struggle to discover the identity of a young girl, amidst the growing chaos of the townsfolk losing their memories – unaware that she is the cause and that they have a monster on their hands."

This project began life as a short story written by James H Longmore as part of his upcoming anthology of supernatural, horror and downright disturbing tales: 'Blood & Kisses'.

Rather coincidentally, the short story was also named 'Thief' - in which the author, REMI - Award-winning writerJames H Longmore wanted to explore an alternative to the vampire myth and evoke the spine-tingling early episodes of The Twilight Zone.

With our leading lady - the talented Katelyn Merricks - already in mind, the script was forged.

Filmed over two long nights, directed by Mike Noel of Third Noel Productions, the team managed to largely overcome the technical issues that often beset low-budget productions like Thief, with much of the magic happening in post-production to iron out the sound and lighting problems.

The result, we hope, is a highly watchable, thought-provoking, spine-tingling twenty minutes.

Thief from jim longmore on Vimeo.


The Script.

For those of you who like to read the scripts for such things - here's a copy for your delectation. (Plagarists beware! The script is WGA registered!)

Read through it and see how the movie developed, and more interestingly, what we left out...


The Cast.

The Girl Earl Malacai
Katelyn Merricks Jon-Michael Foshee Chris Wilson


Steve Officer Gonzalez The Crazy Guy
Michael Pulaski Julissa Gonzalez Evan King


Photo Gallery.

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A pair of detectives try in vain to uncover the identity of a young girl who simply wandered into their police station - no one can quite remember just how long ago.

The girl seems unable to tell them who she is, or where she is from. Other than an incessant, incoherent mumbling, all they can get from her is a series of increasingly bizarre monologues that clearly do not belong to her.

Meanwhile, in the background, the police station is being besieged by a growing number of townsfolk, who claim to have lost their memories.

Following a run-in with a seemingly crazy guy who claims to know the girl and what she is, one of the cops comes to a startling conclusion.

Alas, their realization comes too late and the cops succumb to the sinister phenomenon that appears to be affecting everyone in town.


Incidental music was discovered on a wonderful royalty-free site, composed by Kevin McLeod. Our end title song was written, composed and performed by Joey Cantu and Abraham's Tree.

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